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Read well, sleep better: You can read comfortably in bed with our CosyLift. In our Cosy magazine you will also find helpful tips and tricks for a more relaxed life. More updates and news about our products and the cosy lifestyle can be found here!

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Of course, the slatted frame is part of every bed or mattress - isn't it? Is the slatted frame really important? We have summarised why the slatted frame is a good idea.

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Exhausting yourself in order to be successful? Sleep quality is crucial for performance. Experts advise a rethink!

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Is the duration important? Or is it the quality that matters? All the info on how to improve sleep and contribute to a healthy well-being.

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What to do when you can't sleep? Your thoughts are racing, the stress of the day hasn't been forgotten and despite being tired, you can't get a wink of sleep? We present 3 sleep meditation apps that have been proven to help.

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Sleep disorders or complaints? What aspects define the quality of sleep and a healthy rhythm? A sleep consultation looks at many levels and is absolutely recommended for sleep disorders.

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Sleep better with these tips: Isabelle Princess Reuss is a nutrition expert and knows what is good for us. In our COSY magazine, she explains a few tricks for falling asleep that will also significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

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What to do in case of tension or even pain? When you can no longer fall asleep, a vicious circle begins: the stress level rises and the pain becomes more intense - and regeneration all the more difficult. We have a few tips on how to relieve tension.