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10,000+ happy customers
10,000+ happy customers
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Test 30 days for free
Best comfort
Best comfort

Cosy4More - Smart and maximum cosy

Our globally unique Cosy4More electric slatted frame combines the highest quality with patented technologies from the German company OCTO Actuators for maximum personalised comfort. Thanks to the 4 motors, you can infinitely adjust the Cosy4More in 7 different zones - including neck adjustment and lumbar support. Powerful, quiet and with a high-quality finish, the Cosy4More can lift a surface load of up to 200 kg. You can also save your favourite positions with the memory function and call them up at any time at the touch of a button.

The frame is made of high-quality and certified quality wood. This means stability and durability. The 7 zones can be adjusted quietly and smoothly using the remote control.

Electric slatted frame for personalised comfort

The motorised slatted frame is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a guarantee for maximum comfort. It has crossbars made of beech wood and cross-bar slats which, together with a lowered shoulder zone, ensure excellent lying comfort. The firmness level can be adjusted using sliders on the slats. The frame is compatible with all mattresses and fits into any slatted frame bed, as the drive technology is built into the frame at a height of just 7.5 cm and there is no motor hanging out from under the frame.

Any storage space under the bed can therefore be used sensibly thanks to the low overall height of 12 cm.

Design and function: More power for your bed

The highlight of the Cosy4More is its smart design. All adjustment functions are seamlessly integrated.No squeaking metal, no annoying additional fittings - the frame elements move quietly and almost magically into the desired position.This technology is unique worldwide and protected by numerous patents.

  • Ultra-flat drive technology
    With an overall height of just 7.5 cm, the drive technology is integrated almost invisibly: No motor technology hangs out at the bottom, and there are no visible metal fittings or sharp edges. This means that this motorised frame fits into any bed and you can make unrestricted use of the storage space underneath.
  • Bed base access and cardiovascular position
    Easy access to the bed base? Check. Thanks to the combination of foot and back area, which only Cosyworld technology makes possible, you can move the system into the cardiovascular position. This is both comfortable and useful.
  • Relax position and zero gravity
    For maximum relaxation, you can move the foot area continuously into the relax position or use the zero gravity position to put yourself in a "weightless" state.
  • Lumbar support
    The lumbar support in the lumbar region of the back provides noticeable relief for the spine, creating extra comfort and well-being.
  • Radio remote control and security
    The remote control allows you to adjust each zone individually to your needs. You can even save your two favourite positions with the MEMORY function. The freewheel function ensures safety and prevents accidental crushing.
  • X-Smart Drive
    The latest generation of X-Smart Drive motors. Significantly more power and up to 20% more speed when travelling.
  • Seat Max
    Suitable for all mattress types. Thanks to Seat Max technology, the mattress is not squashed, but takes on the shape of the user's body in a relaxed manner.
  • Convenient delivery
    Delivery, assembly and set-up included. The Cosy4More is carried into the home, assembled and set up by 2 fitters. All packaging material is taken away and disposed of immediately.

Conquer the bed anew with a maximum of individual adjustment options, unique comfort and design - the new Cosy4More from Cosyworld

Product dimensions: 12 x 80 x 200 cm
Weight: 31 kg

Only 10cm - ultra-flat
Icon of a cable
Power consumption
ca. 12 kwh/year
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Load capacity
TÜV/GS checked

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