Close-up of a dark green lyocell fabric

What is the Lyocell material?

What is the Lyocell material and what is Tencel®?

Lyocell is an industrially produced fibre. The cellulose required for this is produced from Asian eucalyptus wood from sustainable forestry and is biodegradable. The Lyocell material is considered to be particularly valuable ecologically, as eucalyptus grows quickly and does not require artificial irrigation. The production of Lyocell material therefore only requires about 5-10% of the amount of water used in the production of cotton.

The term Lyocell is often used synonymously with Tencel®. Tencel® is the brand name of the company Lenzing AG for the fibre lyocell. Due to its environmentally friendly production method, Tencel was awarded the European Environment Award by the EU. Lyocell or Tencel is thus an important material for the textile industry and is used there, among other things, for the production of jeans but also for covers of duvets and mattresses and as fleece for quilts.

Properties of the Loycell material / Tencel®

The Loycell material is not only comparatively environmentally friendly. The cellulose has many other positive properties. For example, it can absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton and is therefore far more breathable. Unlike cotton, the Lyocell material does not need to be aired, but releases the absorbed moisture directly back into the environment. Lyocell bedding therefore ensures a particularly pleasant room climate and enables restful, healthy sleep even in the summer months. Excessive moisture in bed can quickly disturb sleep. Damp bedding not only feels uncomfortable on the skin, but can also provide increased breeding grounds for mould. In addition, there is an unpleasant, musty smell. This is why Tencel® is often used in combination with other fabrics for mattress covers. But also blankets and pillows are increasingly covered with Tencel.

The Loycell material also has the property of cooling when warm and warming when cold. Therefore, bedding made of Lyocell ensures an ideal sleeping temperature.

Thanks to their high breathability and natural production methods, Tencel fabrics are ideally suited for allergy sufferers. In addition, the Lyocell material is very easy to care for: the covers can usually be simply removed, washed at 60 °C. However, the manufacturer's care label should always be observed, as Tencel® is often used in combination with other materials.