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What is a king-size bed?

What is a king-size bed?

The term "king-size bed" originally comes from the USA. There it refers to a double bed with a single mattress measuring 76 x 80 inches. This corresponds to about 193 x 203 cm. In Europe, the name "king-size bed" is mainly used for beds with a mattress size of at least 180 x 200 cm. Smaller beds, for example with a width of 140 cm, are called queensize beds.

Special features of a king size mattress

Despite the similar size, a king-size bed cannot be equated with the double bed widely used in Germany. A double bed is usually at least 180 cm wide, but usually has two mattresses each 90 cm wide. The so-called "visitor's crevice" that this creates is perceived as annoying, especially by couples who like to cuddle or families who sleep in the same bed with their child from time to time. A mattress topper can reduce the noticeable gap between two mattresses. Families also like to use a family bed. Couples who don't want that, or those who also need more space on their own, will find a king-size bed a comfortable solution.

Special construction of the king-size bed

Apart from a continuous mattress, the king-size bed is characterised by other structural features. If the king-size bed is used by two people who have different sleeping needs, two slatted frames can be used in most cases. The classic American king-size beds usually consist of a solid bed frame with a wooden base on which the extra-large mattress rests. In this country, these beds are also known as box spring beds.

How big is a king-size bed in other countries?

Even though king size is an English term, it is not used in the same way in all English-speaking countries. In Great Britain, king size means a bed with a width of 152 cm, which is roughly equivalent to the American queen size. The American king-size bed would be called super king-size by the British.

King size bed linen

Another special feature of the king-size bed is that only one large duvet is usually used for sleeping, even if two people sleep in the bed. This is 240 x 220 cm in size. Accordingly, you also need the corresponding king-size bed linen for the real king-size sleeping feeling. Such bed linen sets have two pillowcases and a large cover for the duvet. This oversized bed linen is usually made in such a way that it can be folded over at the foot end. This way, it can either be used for duvets with extra length or tucked between the mattress and the bed frame. When the king-size duvet is fixed in this way, two people can sleep comfortably under it without one pulling the duvet away from the other at night.

What you should consider when buying a king-size bed

Because king-size beds are very large, they can quickly appear very dominant. They are therefore not necessarily suitable for small bedrooms. In large bedrooms, however, they emphasise the comfortable, sublime feeling of space. If you have a small bedroom but still don't want to do without a king-size bed, you should definitely make sure that there is enough space at the sides so that you can get in and out easily. In addition, king-size beds with a light-coloured bed frame and light-coloured bed linen are recommended for small rooms. Dark colours make the king-size bed look even more bulky and thus make the room feel even smaller.

As with any other bed, you should also make sure that the mattress and the pillow are optimally adapted to your sleeping habits and your requirements for comfort. It is particularly important that the mattress is of high quality. Otherwise, it can happen that it becomes very saggy in some places after some time. The quality of the mattress is therefore crucial for you to enjoy your king size bed for a long time.