Shows the soles of the feet of a family of three lying covered in a double bed

What is a family bed?

What is a family bed?

Many families with children know this: especially the youngest ones don't like to sleep alone in their cot at night. If they can't fall asleep or have had a bad dream, they often crawl into their parents' bed at night. To ensure that everyone has enough space to sleep, more and more parents are buying a family bed.

A family bed is the ideal sleeping solution for young families. It is usually at least 240 cm wide and 200 cm long. However, depending on requirements, there are also different variations here, right up to custom-made products that are precisely tailored to the individual needs of the family. In a family bed, all family members find enough space for a restful sleep.

In many cultures, it is a matter of course that children sleep close to their parents, especially when they are young. Even in the so-called industrialised nations, this way of sleeping is making a comeback under the term "co-sleeping".

How is a family bed constructed?

Family beds consist either of a large bed frame in which various slatted frames and mattresses are inserted, or of several modules that are connected to each other but can also be used as single beds. In addition, it is possible to use only one large mattress in the family bed so that there is no "visitor's crack".

What are the arguments in favour of a family bed?

When the first baby is due, many parents are faced with the question of how to solve the sleeping situation with a child. Does the baby get its own room right from the start? Will a baby cot be placed in the parents' bedroom? Or is a family bed the right solution? Of course, in the end, everyone has to decide for themselves how they sleep best. However, there are some good reasons for choosing a family bed:

Studies show that the sleep rhythm of mothers or parents who sleep close to their child aligns with that of the child. The phases of light and deep sleep coordinate with each other so that parents are no longer jolted out of deep sleep when the child wakes up at night. In addition, breastfeeding mothers have an easier time nursing their hungry child at night in a family bed.

The immediate proximity to the child also ensures that parents no longer have to get up at night to calm their crying child. Often, a touch or a soft whisper is enough. If the child wakes up at night and needs attention, parents can simply lie still and still be there for their child. This ensures more relaxation on both sides, which is especially appreciated by working parents. In addition, valuable family time can literally be made up for during sleep.

7 points: What you should look for in a family bed

When parents and children sleep together in one bed, the safety and health of the children are paramount. Therefore, a few basic conditions should be considered for this sleeping solution:

  1. The parents should be non-smokers and have no serious illnesses.
  2. Parents should not be under the influence of drugs, alcohol or strong medication such as sleeping pills.
  3. If several children sleep in the family bed, an adult should always lie between two children.
  4. The family bed should be large enough so that all family members have enough space and do not lie too close together. Otherwise the temperature in the bed can quickly become too high - especially for small children.
  5. Babies need their own sleeping bag in the family bed.
  6. There are no pets sleeping in the bed.
  7. To prevent children from falling out of bed at night, a railing should be attached to the sides.

The right mattress for the family bed

When babies and toddlers sleep in the family bed, it is very important that there are no cracks in the mattress where they could get trapped. This is why oversized mattresses are in high demand for family beds. With still very small children, an even weight distribution on the mattress is still guaranteed. If the family bed is also to be used later with older children, it makes sense to use several mattresses measuring 80x200 or 90x200 cm.