Woman lying in bed with painful facial expression and grabbing her side

Slipped disc mattress

Which mattress for slipped disc: Optimal ergonomics during sleep!

The be-all and end-all in the case of a slipped disc: on the one hand, the back must be protected, on the other hand, the body must be optimally supported during sleep. A good mattress has a preventive effect and at the same time alleviates the symptoms of a slipped disc. Too often, savings are made at both ends here; optimal ergonomics, requires the selection of the right degree of firmness that corresponds to the individual body profile.

In many bed shops, advice is still often given in a completely wrong way. On the one hand, the so-called advice often turns out to be a mere sales talk; the salesperson usually tries to estimate what price the customer is willing to spend on a mattress. Accordingly, models in the respective price range are preferably recommended. The actual, individual needs of the customer are disregarded.

On the other hand, a test lie in the local shop is not enough to get a helpful impression of the product; the situation in the shop cannot reflect the everyday situation in one's own four walls. Rather, customers who want to buy a mattress and want optimal ergonomics - especially if they have back problems - should take the time to have the mattress delivered to their home to test it for several nights in familiar surroundings and under real conditions. After all, it can take weeks for the body to get used to a new mattress; only then is a sound judgement possible. Especially in the case of a slipped disc, a mattress should be chosen for the test sleep that adapts to the body and can also be flexibly adjusted.

For back problems: Mattress that can be adjusted

In the case of a slipped disc, but also other physical complaints, a mattress should be used that can be flexibly adapted to the body. Often mattresses are still produced with a fixed degree of firmness. The problem with this is the lack of comparability. The customer gets used to a hardness level without knowing whether a different support would be more sensible and comfortable for the body. Various manufacturers have tried to solve the problem:

  • Mattress with 2 degrees of firmness: One option that is offered gives the customer the option to flip the mattress. The top and bottom of the mattress each have a different degree of firmness. This gives the customer the choice between two lying sensations.
  • Mattress with foam configuration: Another approach is to subsequently replace the foam in the mattress. The customer has to configure whole layers or parts of the mattress foam.
  • FLEXBONE system: An innovative and far more comfortable variant is to adjust the firmness of the mattress using the so-called flexbones. Here, the customer can adjust the mattress to different degrees of "hardness" from head to toe with the help of flexible rods made of high-performance composite plastic - the more rods, the "harder" the mattress. Without bars, the mattress is maximally soft.

Maximum flexibility and ergonomic adaptability: mattress with Flexbone system

With the patented Flexbone system, the mattress can be adapted precisely to your own body structure. In this way, the individual body receives optimal body support, which ensures a relieving lying feeling. In the case of a slipped disc, the mattress can provide positive support and at the same time relieve pressure; depending on the setting, specific body regions are supported in a targeted manner. The mattress can also be flexibly adjusted in case of sudden complaints:

  • The hardness setting can always be adjusted
  • The system is designed for all HEIA body types
  • Comparability of hardness levels possible

A good mattress, which is supposed to have a preventive and at the same time soothing effect on the body, must allow for precise ergonomics for the customer. This ergonomics can only be ensured through individual use, extensive testing at home and flexible configuration of the mattress. Because every person is unique and feels differently. Due to the function of flexible body support, such a mattress is a worthwhile measure for all people - especially those with a slipped disc or other back problems.