Woman sleeping deeply in a bed

Side sleeper mattress

Mattress for side sleepers: Why the mattress must be adaptable

Which mattress for side sleepers? Around 60 % of all people sleep on their side; this sleeping position is particularly good for relieving the back. However, a few important aspects must also be taken into account here so that the entire body is ergonomically supported. If you do not pay attention when choosing a mattress, you will have to reckon with physical complaints in the medium term.

The central factor for ergonomic comfort for side sleepers is the hardness level. If you choose a mattress that is too hard, you risk a kink in the spine; because for side sleepers, the pelvis and shoulders must be able to sink in - otherwise the head hangs or the spine cannot form a straight line. This also means that the mattress for side sleepers has to provide point support for the body - a seemingly complicated requirement, as most mattresses are made with a firm firmness level that covers the entire surface.

What is the right side sleeper mattress?

A mattress for side sleepers must solve the complicated question of firmness; the mattress must be neither too hard nor too soft. And at the same time, the degree of firmness should be variable depending on the body region in order to avoid curvature of the spine. Due to the sleeping position, the mattress for side sleepers must provide support at certain points. If the mattress is too soft overall, for example, the spine will sag; the mattress must therefore offer good body support and at the same time adapt to the body so that certain parts of the body can sink in and the spine can form a straight line.

In addition, there is the person's physique; depending on the body type, certain degrees of hardness are required. Here, too, the mattress must have zones that are sometimes more and sometimes less flexible or soft depending on the body region. One option to take into account the requirements of the sleeping position and the body type is the so-called Flexbone system. With the help of flexible rods, also high-performance composite plastic, all zones in the mattress can be adjusted to different degrees of hardness or softness from head to toe. The more rods are pushed into the openings in the cold foam, the harder the mattress feels when lying down. If no bars are used, the mattress is soft to the maximum.