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Mattresses for overweight people

Mattresses for overweight people: Which mattress is suitable?

It's all in the mix: If you are overweight, the mattress plays a decisive role in your well-being. On the one hand, the mattress must allow for optimal comfort to ensure sleep quality. On the other hand, the mattress must provide excellent pressure relief to offer the body a pleasant counterpressure.

A person spends two thirds of his or her life on a mattress. That is why the mattress should be optimally adapted to the individual needs of each body. With precise ergonomics, the mattress can help the body - even if you are overweight. A basic recommendation: Since every person has an individual physique, it is worth buying a mattress that can be flexibly adapted to the body.

Mattresses for overweight: What is important?

If you are overweight, the following issues play an important role in your well-being; when choosing the right mattress, these points should be taken into account:

  • The top layer of the mattress should be relatively soft to prevent the risk of decubitus.
  • The mattress should adjust flexibly "hard" to provide the body with suitable support.
  • The mattress must be breathable, because due to the body mass index, people who are overweight sweat more during the night.